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How to Get a Low Down Payment Mortgage

In case you’ve been wishing to purchase your first home, At PSG we meet many people who say’s “Owe too much on my mortgage” and are often worried about it. It could be the perfect opportunity to make a move as mortgage rates are among the lowest ever. However, you may think you cannot afford… Read more »

Why to Not Pay Off Your Mortgage

On the off chance that you have the additional money, taking care of your home loan early might be the mindful thing to do. If you owe too much on mortgage, all things considered, the prospect of being sans contract is an incredible inclination. Yet, is it the right move if you will likely form riches? … Read more »

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Mortgage?

Not paying your mortgage is different from not paying your rent since it might have a serious impact on your credit score. If you are thinking- I can’t pay my mortgage, it may put your house at risk. There are a few alternatives, varying from a forbearance agreement, which can buy you some time to work… Read more »